Includes perspectives from C-Level executives of leading enterprises including:

Big Hearts Pet Brands
British Gas
CLP Group
Color Spot Nurseries
Delta Airlines
DeVry Education Group
Endo International
Inteva Products
Jefferson County, AL
Middlesbrough Council, UK
Schneider Electric
United Biscuits
Würth Group

Table of Contents



Prologue: The Happiest Place on Earth

Section I: And Still It Roars

Chapter 1: The Customer Pivot
Chapter 2: The SAP Pivot
Chapter 3: The SAP Economy — The Un-pivot
Case Studies Group A: Un-adopters
Chapter A1: Customer Strategy – Flip It Off
Chapter A2: Customer Strategy – Freeze and Shrink

Section II: A Brief History of the SAP Economy

Chapter 4: The Roaring 1990s
Chapter 5: The Tumultuous 2000s
Chapter 6: The HANA and Cloud 2010s
Case Studies Group B: Diversifiers
Chapter B1: Customer Strategy – “Ring Fence” with Clouds
Chapter B2: Customer Strategy – Change the Talent Model
Chapter B3: Customer Strategy – Tiers of Joy
Chapter B4: Customer Strategy – Agility Through Best-of-Breed

Section III: The Casualties of the SAP Economy

Chapter 7: Still Trying After All These Years
Chapter 8: Slumber Party
Case Studies Group C: Pragmatists
Chapter C1: Customer Strategy — Keep Relationship Analytical
Chapter C2: Customer Strategy — Keep Projects Low-Hype
Chapter C3: Customer Strategy — Rethink the Customer Experience
Chapter C4: Customer Strategy — Balance with Open Source and commodity technology

Section IV: Root Cause Analysis

Chapter 9: SAP Illusions
Chapter 10: SAP Partner Collusions
Chapter 11: SAP Market Watcher Omissions
Chapter 12: SAP Customer Permissions
Case Studies Group D: Committed
Chapter D1: Customer Strategy — Align with SAP’s Future
Chapter D2: Customer Strategy — Make SAP Dance to Your Business Tune

Section V: A New World Beckons

Chapter 13: New Customer Priorities — From IT to OT
Chapter 14: The New SAP Economy
Chapter 15: The Long Shadow

Epilogue: The Eye of the Storm